Stainless steel can be supplied with two treatments:

1. satinizing (standard)

2. electropolishing (on request and with price surcharge)

In the case of installation of stainless steel products in areas with salty air (e.g. in the vicinity of the sea) or from heavy air pollution, We recommend to always ask for the ELECTROPOLISHING treatment.
This treatment improves the corrosion resistance of products manufactured in stainless steel.
The treatment is subject to surcharge.


We recommend that you periodically clean the products made of stainless steel to eliminate salt, dust and other debris, which may alter the protective layer of the material. Washing, as well as making the product clean, reduces the risk of corrosion.
Normally it’s sufficient to simply wash the stainless steel with water, detergent and a soft cloth. In the case of lime scale deposits, use a cream-purpose cleaner with a soft cloth; while in the case of thicker deposits, very hot water with 1/4 of vinegar is necessary. For grease and oil stains, use a mild liquid dishwashing product. For rust stains, use a mild cream using a soft damp cloth.
For an optimal cleaning of stainless steel, we use a specific cleaner to remove dirt, stains and processing residues, which can be provided on request.

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